Gold Creek Park trees are not objects to zip through for a momentary adrenalin rush. All trees are sacred beings, have rights and deserve our respect. I invite you to hike through our Woodinville Park and observe edible stinging nettle and fern fiddleheads, medicinal bleeding heart and trillium, purifying fir and cedar trees and the largest huckleberry bush I’ve ever seen!  Trees hold space in earth and sky to sustain vital ecosystems locally and globally. And yet humans ignore the signs and warnings…for what purpose? 

In honor of Earth Day we offered a ceremony at the Heritage Garden in Sammamish Valley.  I invite those of you who value trees and nature as much as I do to go to Gold Creek Park and offer thanks to our trees for their life supporting substance and system.  It is the nature of trees to give.  And what is our nature as humans--to destroy that which supports us?  Where’s the intelligence that includes both mind and heart? Where’s the respect? 


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